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Specializing in customized, therapeutic massage geared at reducing stress, muscular imbalances, and chronic pain to create a sense of overall well being..

Wanda Cox, LMT

I’m a Southern girl, born and raised in North Carolina. Though I joined the Army and traveled the world there is no mistaking my “Southern-ness”. And yes you will hear me say y’all. I graduated Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy in Newington CT in 2002. After graduating I did a combination of personal training, massage therapy & wellness and nutrition consulting, but have been focused primarly on massage for the last 10 years.

My specialties include deep tissue, Thai massage, Sports, injury rehab, Swedish, as well acupressure and myofascial release. I also have had additional training in Thai massage, bamboo massage and craniosacral therapy. I am looking forward to taking a Lomi Lomi class and advanced Craniosacral class in near future.

I am passionate about bringing the therapeutic benefits of massage to as many people as possible. I think it is time for people to shift their thinking of massage – massage is no longer just a luxury but a wonderful and necessary component to their overall wellness plan. It can keep injuries away, help with recovering from accidents and injuries, reduce or eliminate need for surgeries, and the list goes on and on with the benefits of regular massage.

In our chaotic, over-stressed, overbooked lifestyle we need to do all that we can do to reduce stress therefore reducing all the ailments brought on and aggravated by stress. I think the cost of regular massage is a small price to pay for something whose benefits are life altering.

My husband and I am own and operate West Hartford Massage Spot and work as a team running the business. We love spending time with our son, traveling and just being together.

West Hartford Massage Spot is a Therapeutic Massage Therapy Practice offering Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish and Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Foot Massage, Facial Rejuvenation Therapy and Couples Massage in a friendly, nurturing environment.

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