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The R.E.S.T. Program

R.E.S.T. – Recovery, Energy, Sleep, Therapy

Are you in pain? Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain? Are you in need of deep, restorative sleep? Are you recovering from an injury? The R.E.S.T. program breaks the pain cycle. This program will assist in the recovery of injuries, surgeries, etc., in restoring energy, and in improving sleep for optimal healing using a variety of therapeutic approaches. The R.E.S.T. program is designed to be implemented over a time span of four to six weeks.

This program includes (1) Initial consultation, (3) massage sessions to address your unique recovery needs, and (3) personalized sessions (strategies & postures for greater flexibility, relaxation techniques and stretching) to assist you in restoring function and overall wellness. You will receive weekly guidance on how to incorporate these new strategies and movements into your daily life.

Clients have commented that they experienced deeper sleep, had significant decrease in pain and improved function after receiving a session. Almost everyone feels a difference in their body during and after session one. Come experience the difference!

The R.E.S.T. Program – $650

Payment Plan: 2 bi-weekly payments of $325
Your first payment of $325 will be processed today and your 2nd payment of $325 will be processed 2 weeks from today.


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