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Restorative Massage

Restorative massage is a blend of deep tissue, Thai, relaxation massage and somatic movement therapy. Somatic movement is guided movement that will encourage more body awareness and help release tight areas in your body. It empowers you with the knowledge of simple movements that will help re-educate the nervous system to promote greater ease of movement.

My discovery of somatic movement came after many, many years of having nagging low back and pelvic pain ever since an emergency C-section 15 years ago (yes I said it, 15 years ago). While homeopathy and bodywork helped, it did not get rid of some of the nagging issues that I believed resulted from that scar and some partial nerve damage. Once I started doing somatics everything started waking up and changing, giving me reduced aches and pains and allowing my body to get to a place of ease and comfort.

I was so amazed by the immediate results I decided to enroll in a course while continuing my own practice of this type of body movement. The results have been amazing while just introducing a few of the movements to my clients before they get on the table. And the more I started incorporating this into my practice the more positive results I started hearing. So I am so excited to offer you a new approach. An approach that will start re-educating your nervous system and in turn change the way you feel and move.

Hear what clients have been saying since I started incorporating somatic movement therapy into my sessions:

“My hips feel so aligned and balanced…I can’t believe it.”

“Wow, I feel so much better in just 15 minutes of doing those simple movements…I can’t believe it.”

“Those moves really woke up my core, I feel like muscles that haven’t been fully innervated and working well just came alive!”

60 Minute – $90
75 Minute – $105
90 Minute – $125

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