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It is evident this is an art for you as well as a science – you can feel the energy coming through your hands and this could be one of the most significant things in my opinion, which sets you apart from other therapists I have visited.”

Amanda H.

Wanda, I am feeling so much better thanks to you! That was one of the best, probably the best, massage I have ever had. I put a message about you on my Facebook page.”

Randi Paiker, West Hartford, CT

Wanda, I am not new to therapeutic massage. My sister is a massage therapist, as was a close friend for many years. I mention that, only to better describe how impressed, and refreshed I am by your work. . . I was more than touched by you. When I left, I walked differently, felt more, and noticed more.”

Johanna, Farmington, CT

Feet and leg massage was the best. I feel alot better than when I came in tonight.”

LeeAnne – March 2011

My foot feels so much better! Really my whole body feels much better! I’ve been doing the stretches you gave me, especially the upper body and chest. My new year’s resolution is to come see you at least once a month to check in. Thanks again.”

Marsha Odell, Springfield, MA

Man that therapy you gave me the other day was awesome!! I worked out legs with no piriformis pain for the first time in a while!!”

Dan Bonenfant, Bodybuilder, New Britain, CT

Excellent massage – extremely impressed – it was wonderful.”

Sarah H.

The best massage I have ever experienced!!! I recently saw Wanda for my first Thai massage and I still feel like I am walking on air. I could not stop telling my husband about it! Wanda modifies her technique to address my body’s specific areas of need. She is very considerate and patient and, because it was my first massage with her, she informed me of all the stretches and moves before trying them. I have finally found the massage technique that works for me and the perfect person to get it from. Can’t wait to see Wanda again.”

Nilsa, West Hartford, CT

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